A vital part of your educational team.

Outreach Concern frees up our academic counselors and teachers to focus on academics rather than social and behavioral issues.

Patrick Murphy, President
Mater Dei High School
Santa Ana, CA


The Outreach Concern program has been carefully refined during hundreds of thousands of hours of counseling in which youth are empowered to take charge of their lives and solve the problems that stand between them and a promising future. Our on-campus counselors can make the difference between passing and failing and between a rewarding or distressing experience in school. Additional services such as 24-hour Crisis Hotline posted around campus allows students to reach out for help any hour of the day or night. When a school is impacted by a sudden crisis, such as violence or the death of a student, our emergency response team has consistently responded to the immediate needs of the school--assuring principals and teachers that they can always rely on Outreach Concern in the most trying of circumstances.


We have a number of ways to provide feedback to parents, teachers and principals and to monitor the progress we are making with each student. Outreach Concern counselors meet with teachers, parents and students on a regular basis developing actionable plans and interventions to support the student's progress both in and out of the classroom.

An Academic Accountability Study is conducted annually to evaluate Outreach Concern services and to seek ways to improve them. The study measures academic performance, attendance, attitude, behavior, conduct, effort and social skills of students receiving counseling. Our counselors, supervisors and management are available 24/7 to help solve almost any problem that might arise on campus or at home. Outreach Concern does reach out and is concerned about any issues that create barriers to student success both in and outside the classroom environment. Our Student Performance and Accountability Study is conducted annually to evaluate student progress. This study measures academic, behavioral, and social and emotional performance. Our 10-year study conducted from 2009 through 2019 demonstrated an overall 87% improvement in these critical areas.

Fourteen of our schools benefit from the services of Outreach Concern. They provide essential counseling for a wide range of student problems at a very affordable cost.
— Christine Harrison, Director, Educational Support Services (Ocean View School District, Huntington Beach, CA)
I oversee two programs providing services to students in need of intervention and those being suspended from school. The students we serve are often struggling academically for a variety of serious reasons including dysfunctional family situations, substance abuse and forms of neglect. Outreach Concern counselors provide valuable guidance and support as we work to help these students get back on a positive track.
— Dr. David A. Hubbard, Administrator Intervention Services (Westminster School District, Westminster, CA)
Our parents and the PTA are extremely appreciative of Outreach Concern and the valuable support they provide to our students. We are thrilled to have them at Brookhaven!
— Shirley Fargo, Principal (Brookhaven Elementary School, Placentia, CA)
Over the last 11 years, Outreach Concern has provided CSHM High School with high quality counselors who understand the needs of our students and our school. Our students love them, the services are cost-effective and Outreach Concern is very sensitive to our concerns and requests.
— David Chambers, Principal (Cantwell/Sacred Heart of Mary High School, Montebello, CA)


Outreach Concern provides a variety of services designed to overcome behavior problems so educators can focus on teaching instead of social and emotional issues.

  • In-school Counseling Program: Each school is assigned a staff of highly trained and qualified counselors who provide for the ongoing counseling and pupil personnel needs of the school and student population. A typical school, depending on the size and need, is provided two or four days of coverage per week.

  • Regional Field Supervisors (RFS): Each school is assigned a RFS who is responsible to train, manage and supervise the counseling staff, as well as support the pupil personnel needs of the school, working closely with the principal and faculty.

  • Outreach Concern School Safety Crisis Hotline: The Crisis Hotline is available to all students attending contracted schools, providing them and their families access to a trained counselor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Outreach Concern Emergency Response Team: In the event of a catastrophic situation or accident on a school campus, Outreach Concern will provide a Crisis Response Team of clinical specialists who will assist students and faculty transition through whatever crisis has impacted the school.

  • Community Clinic: Often, a troubled child is only a symptom of a deeper problem within the family. In some situations, a family needs additional guidance and support. Our Community Clinic provides counseling services to assist families through difficult times, meeting their immediate and long-term needs.

  • Multi-County Referral Network: In the event a student's needs cannot be met by the Outreach Concern counseling staff in the school, we have contracted with licensed professionals throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties who are available to support or continue the quality counseling services to students and their families on a sliding fee scale basis.

  • Educational Testing: A student who behaves poorly in the classroom may be suffering from an undetected learning disability, ADHD or other issues that impact his or her ability to thrive and succeed in school. Our testing services are designed to screen for the most common disabilities, such as reading disorder and attention deficit disorder, all aimed at positively impacting the student's academic performance. Educational testing is an optional service.

  • Workshops and Prevention Programs for Students: In-classroom workshops including topics such as study skills, bullying and substance abuse can be provided to help students deal with today's life problems that may affect them inside and outside the classroom.

  • In-service Training for Teachers: Teachers and principals fill a vitally important role in children's lives. Our workshops are designed to give academic professionals additional management and coping skills in order to help create a positive teaching environment.

  • Parenting Workshops: It is often said that children/adolescents do not come with an instruction manual. However parenting skills can be learned and improved upon. Our in-service training is designed to help parents develop strong, supportive family relationships.

The excellent counselors of Outreach Concern allow us to educate the whole child. They remove emotional and social roadblocks to learning so our teachers can focus on teaching.
— Sister Cheryl (St. Catherine's Military Academy, Anaheim, CA)



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